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Preserve and Enhance Boulder Junction!

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We are raising funds to preserve and enhance Boulder Junction!

Our Mission: Preserve and Enhance Boulder Junction for Present and Future Generations.

Our Vision: Strengthen Community, Develop Resources, and Enrich Quality of Life.

Our Goals: Endowment Fund goal is to raise $1,000,000 to allow giving back $50,000 to the community each and every year...Forever. Increase public awareness and build relationships. Foster community endeavors through grant distributions. Provide professional stewardship of financial and leadership resources.

Thanks to generous friends just like you we are over half way to our $1,000,000 goal, but we need your help to reach the goal!*

A gift today allows YOU to play an important role in preserving, traditions, improving our town, and providing exciting new opportunities for Boulder Junction for many years to come!

Every dollar counts as we continue to move ahead towards our overall goal of $1,000,000.

Giving to the Boulder Junction Community Foundation shows how much you care about preserving and enhancing our community for present and future generations.

We sincerely hope you will join us by making a gift today!

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

P.S. The Boulder Junction Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

* Types of Funds:

Restricted Endowment Fund is managed, invested, and kept in perpetuity to provide earnings for the benefit of charitable causes in Boulder Junction. The fund is held and managed by the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin. Grants are available annual through this fund.

Community Enhancement Funds are managed and kept in our local bank to provide grants on an as needed basis for the benefit of charitable causes in Boulder Junction. These funds include: Arts & Culture Fund, Bike Trail Fund, Greatest Needs Fund. For a limited time, donations will be accepted to the Boulder Junction High Speed Broadband Project Fund, the North Creek Loop Trail Fund, and the Playground Project Fund.